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Announcing Plot Phenix 2.0 with Plant Height!

Featuring the NEW Plant Height module and 3D point clouds for deeper insights into your small plot field trials. New and current subscribers for 2021 get plant height free!

Possibly the most-requested feature by our growing base of users, plant height can now be extracted from RGB images without the need for LIDAR.

Additional features include:

● 2X faster stitching (<1 second/image)

● A completely revamped plot gridding tool

Soybean field trial plot clop corresponding to the 3D model, above.

With this update Plot Phenix offers researchers a comprehensive suite of phenotypic outputs for agronomic field trials.:

  • Stand Count

  • Row length

  • Canopy Cover

  • Canopy Color including NDVI/GRVI

  • Plant Height -- NEW

In addition, release 2.0 adds numerous performance enhancements that make it even easier for anyone with a camera drone to map, stitch, grid, and extract phenotypes in the field and without ever needing to upload their proprietary data to the computing cloud. For example, image stitching is now 2x faster: the algorithm can now count nearly 10 plants per second from the comfort of your pickup. Also, the plot gridding tool has been completely revamped, making it much easier to overlay your field trial layout and adjust the centering, planter offset, selection of sub-rows, and so on.

Contact us for a brief demo today!



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