Precision Plot Phenotyping

For The Next Generation 

Phenix™ software lets you use an off-the-shelf drone & laptop to get precise stand counts, plant height, coverage, calibrated vegetation indices, & other metrics from Plot Clips™
faster than possible by hand

We’ve Eliminated the Obstacles

to Doing this In-House

  With Phenix™ You Don’t Need:

  • Internet


  • Shapefiles

  • Ground Control Points

  • Programming Expertise

  • Multiple Software Packages

  • High-Performance Computing

  All You Need Is:

  • Any off-the-shelf drone & camera

  • A laptop (Windows 10, 16GB RAM)


How it works


A Novel Approach - 4 Simple Steps:

1. At the field's edge: Stitch 500+ images on a laptop without internet in 5-15 minutes using new image stitching algorithms developed at Purdue University so you know you got what you came for before you leave the field.


                                         2. At the office: Easily draw your plot grid on the stitched

                                       orthomosaic & adjust for different plot layouts & planting errors.


                                                                      3. Automatically extract thousands of undistorted,                                                                       custom-labelled Plot Clips™ from your raw images.


                                                                                                            4. Automatically analyze the

                                                                                                      Plot Clips™ to get metrics of

                                                                                                      plant growth & health using

                                                                                                      a suite of powerful algorithms.  


The capability to convert raw imagery of any field trial into plot clips™ & metrics  within an hour on minimal hardware while bypassing long upload & download times or the need to explain to service providers what a 'plot' is are critical to being able to do this on your own 10x faster than before. 


Row 1 Range 90

Row 35 Range 89

Days After Planting

Stands, Skips, & Doubles in Corn, Soybean, and More


Measurement Zone


Our patented Plot Clip technology is the culmination of 8 years of R&D by engineers & breeders at Purdue University. With support from the Purdue Foundry, we've made this revolutionary technology available to all agronomists in the form of fast & user-friendly software - Phenix.


To enable agronomists that don't have the time or resources to develop their own image processing pipelines to get the maximum possible value out of low-cost equipment & hardware so they can stay competitive & continue helping farmers feed the world.


Optimized for processing high-resolution, high-overlap imagery of small plot trials on minimal hardware, this elegant combination of speed & flexibility enables you to quickly convert thousands of images of many different trials into plot clips™ & metrics labelled according to your own field diagram on a regular basis.  


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Our Team





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PhD - Cornell University,

Plant Phenotyping Industry Veteran

Commercial Vegetable Seed Experience

PhD - Cornell University,

Professor of Soybean Breeding & Genetics, Purdue University

PhD - Purdue University,

Drone Image Processing & Software Development

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