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In-House Software for Small Plot Research with Drones

Phenix empowers plant breeders & agronomists to extract phenotypes from images with inexpensive UAVs — no coding skills, GIS experience, supercomputing, or advanced GPS accessories required!  

Agronomist in a corn small plot field trial


Stand Counts

Phenix makes it possible to count every plant from drone imagery in crops such as corn.  Benefits:

  • Saves the time & hassle of getting into fields

  • Lowers labor/travel expenses

  • Eliminates human error and reliance on sampling methods

Corn stand counts with Phenix.  White crosses are single plants, blue indicates doubles, and red minuses correspond to skips

Count Every Plant!

Corn stand counting example


Canopy Level Insights: Coverage, Growth, Color, Height

  1. Percent Vegetation Cover

  2. Early Season Growth/Vigor

  3. Vegetation Color related to stress, fertility differences, flowering, maturity

  4. Canopy height:  3D reconstructions and vegetation height above ground level

soybean plot

Top:  Plot Clip from a soybean field trial  Below:  3D Point Cloud generated from overlapping 2D images of the soybean plot.

3D projection of a soybean plot

Multi-Spectral Image Processing:
Simple & Fast! 

Frames (1-5):  Original green, blue, red, red-edge, and near-infrared images from a popular multispectral camera; (6) corresponding composite image aligned at the sub-pixel level using Phenix with lens distortion correction and dewarping algorithms applied. 

If you need multispectral imaging, we have your back.  Generating vegetation indices is a breeze in version Phenix 2.2

  • Automated Image Sorting

  • Sub-pixel image alignment & merging

  • Easily generate multispectral vegetation indices including NDVI & NDRE

Example of mutlispectral image merging

Trusted by a Global Client Base

Disillusioned with UAV hype?
We'll make your drone work for you!

Hear It from Our Customers

Plot Phenix User
"Learning Phenix went really smoothly. I picked it up quickly and it became something very easy to do.  We shaved off about a month of traveling for stand counts!"

Damon, Technology Manager, Contract Research

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